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Abduction and Child Slavery Coming to Your Neighborhood

A protective father speaks out and a victim recounts her tragedy.

CLEARWATER - / News Times Journal / I'm a devoted Dad, so please pardon the salty language here.  I'm still calming down. This week I accosted (in the dark, alone and unarmed,) a very big dude peeping through one of my daughters' bedroom windows as she was getting dressed.

It was 5:20am, Wednesday. My 15-year-old, as she dressed for school, saw one of our cats acting agitated as he looked out of her window to the street.  She saw movement on the sidewalk, about 50' from the house.  Since it was dark outside, she turned out her light (good move - she listened to my preaching: "street smarts").


There was a man, 6'1-6'3"", walking slowly up the walk.  At the neighbors' house, he turned, walked back, looking occasionally at our house, turned again, walked the other way, turned, looked at the house one more time, and then sped up dramatically, quickly cutting across the grass directly toward the house.  She freaked and rushed through the house, alerting me.


With a prayer, I ran out the front door, down t the walk, checking up and down the street.  Since I had a safe 50' cushion between me and the corner of the house, I walked briskly and looked down between my house and the neighbors' house.  


There, standing 2' from the wall, was a large football lineman-sized figure, dressed in black.  Holy crap.  Four precious women in my home in various stages of undress.  Gray haired, 61-years old, unarmed, in my shorts, in the dark, alone.  Got him trapped between the houses and a 6' fence.  His gangster pants were still up.  His only way out was through me.  What a genius I am.


In my best, deepest kick butt truck driver voice I asked him what the hell he was doing.  Until then he hadn't noticed me; he turned, startled, and mumbled, "I'm just takin' a pee", and started moving up the alley toward me.  Now what, Superman?  I hit him with my deepest, outraged, out-of-control madman Joe Pesci sailor language, told him in flowery terms he could've been shot, and asked him who the hell he was.  He was startled and actually gave me his first name.


He got within fifteen feet, I walked away, ready to run, aggressively cussing up a storm, and told him to get the hell away and never come back. Mumbling, he apologized and walked slowly up the street.  I went behind my car and peeped over.  He didn't look back; he cut across the street and took a quick left down the next street.  I went inside and called 911.  Sheriff was here in six minutes.  Four cars dispatched. 


My eldest daughter recognized the description and the name as being an 18-year-old delinquent she'd gone to school with, lived a few blocks away, had been kicked out of school.  She was saddened but convinced.


Deputy radioed my info.  Two of the deputies knew this guy very well, he'd been in dope trouble and even been caught doing this before.  Cars went to his home.  Mother didn't know where he was; she acted like a jerk. No Dad.  The kid showed up a little later.  With my story as backup, the deputy told him he had one chance to tell the truth.  He didn't.  They cuffed him and ran him in.  I don't know where he is now, but I do think he's looked in our windows before.


The decaying world out there is getting closer to all of us.  As my girls have become young women, in the last three years, there have been men following our girls from the bus stop, cars and trucks driving slowly by our home (which is in a limited access, deed-restricted, upscale community).  God's little wakeup calls.


I DO know I will now have a loaded pump action 12-gauge, at minimum, and I will start working out again.  


Having been burgled, robbed and carjacked at knifepoint and gunpoint in my life, I will teach simple hand-to-hand self-defense, "street smarts" (situational awareness,) and basic gun safety to my girls.  And I will look out the windows in the night.


And I will thank God for His grace, Jesus and his warring angels for covering and protecting us, and the Holy Spirit for speaking to us right when we most need Him.


Even if you don't have kids, stay awake and be prepared.  It's not getting any better. - A Concerned Father



 A victim shares, Today's victims are all nationalities.  There are just as many blacks, whites, and Hispanics that are abducted and some that have very foreign names.  I believe that everyone has a different "taste" and that is why they are from  all sides of the tracks and I also believe this includes people over the age of 18 and in their 20's.  I don't believe it is the age that matters in all of these cases, sometimes it is the look.

Since I am probably one of the only ones on this site that have specific details of what is going on inside of one of these organizations, I would like to fill you in on some of the details of when I was abducted, not because I want pity because I have excepted it for what it was, but just to let you know what happens to some of these children once they are snatched off the streets.  Kind of give you an insight as to how some of this works, I guess.

First off, I was abducted by gunpoint by two men as I was walking close to my home.  It was just starting to get dark.  I was 13.  These men threw me into the trunk of their car and took me to a house that was about a 20 minute or so away from my home.  Years later, when I got my license, I went looking for that house and found it.  It was really a strange feeling.  

Anyway, as they were dragging me in, I observed approximately 10 other men in the house.  There was drugs of different colors, not sure what they were, and stacks of cash on the table.

I was taken into a room where I was tied up hands and feet and a pill was shoved into my mouth.  Then the older one, a man by the name of Dave Jones told me to open my mouth so he could see if I swallowed it and I complied.  When I woke up the next morning, I was given another pill.  I'm not sure why I did it but I put it under my tongue and when I opened my mouth, it appeared to be gone.  When he left, I spit it between the pillow and the bed and did this the remainder of my time there hoping that I could figure out a way to escape.

I wasn't fed or given water while I was being held captive and can't remember ever using the restroom except once and that is when I escaped.  For the remainder of my stay, I was able hear what they were saying. I was supposed to be asleep and they talked freely.  I heard them say that I would be leaving on Friday to go to Chicago where everyone would meet at a warehouse that was operated by an American Indian who had contacts coming in from all over the world.

I'm not sure why they were going into such great detail on things but it is possible that more people arrived and they were filling them in on the operation but I don't know that for sure.  I never heard a knock at the door and I was in a separate room and could only hear their voices.

I heard them say that the Indian at the warehouse had new buyers coming in and that some of us would be auctioned off as "pets", some would be sold into *spam filter*s, some would appear in Mexican Death Videos, some would be shipped overseas where they would be placed into a harem, some would end up on the streets of Chicago as working girls, some could end up in "dungeons" and chained up.  There were all sorts of people that went to these auctions and that the Indian was a genius.  I got the impression that he was pretty high up.  They expected to get a couple hundred dollars apiece for me and I have no idea what the Indian would get.  The year was 1975.

Years later when they found the photograph of victims Tara Calico and Michael Henley in Florida, I called in an anonymous tip and told the person on the phone my story.  Later, one of the television shows mentioned that these children may have been taken to a warehouse in Chicago and a person of interest was an American Indian by the name of Mr. Johnny, which is the same name I told them.  Yes, Johnny has a last name and I do know it and I did give it to them when I explained my situation to him previously.

Back on track.....anyway, On Thursday night, I was able to convince one of my abductors, a man by the name of Barry, to release me to go to the bathroom.  He was drunk and I was hoping he was drunk enough to forget about me and I could escape, he was, and I did.  I stole his gun and jumped out a second story window.  Luckily I didn't break anything or I may have been caught.

I never told the police and a week later, Jones and Barry's pictures were in the paper stating they had killed a 15 year old girl.  I swear to God, I had no idea there may have been other people inside that house but looking back at it now, it was a large house with multiple bedrooms, and there very well could have been other children there.  I don't know and my mind wasn't thinking like that back then and I have always felt bad about not telling someone but seriously, who would have believed a story like that in the 70's.  

After they caught Jones and Barry, 2 other victims came forward with their stories and I know Barry got 155 years.  I lost Jones but was informed there may have been crimes in other states and he may have been sent somewhere else to do his time.  I don't think the other men at the house ever did get caught.  It is possible they are somewhere still doing the same thing and some of them are probably already dead.  

This will give you a little insight on what may be happening to some children that are abducted and I'm sure that things have probably been updated in the past 35+ years.  I'm sure they have learned by experience.


An Open Letter from a Former Muslim: Enough is Enough

OPINION, /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Majed El Shafie:

My name is Majed El Shafie. I was arrested, tortured and sentenced to die in Egypt after converting from Islam to Christianity. I managed to escape and with the help of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), I eventually settled in Canada from where I now fight for those persecuted around the world.

We have seen the news reports in recent days of Muslims protesting throughout the world, killing the American ambassador and three other Americans in Libya, over a film they claim insults their prophet. The filmmaker is in hiding, flags have been burned and trampled, and though it may not have been reported on the major news networks, Bibles are being burned and vulnerable Christians are being attacked in countries half a world away.

Many here in the West have been perplexed or alarmed by these events, especially after our soldiers risked their lives last year to support the people of Libya against Colonel Qaddafi's forces. The irony is thick in that Ambassador Stevens in particular was keen to help the Libyan people rebuild and he took an active role in supporting their efforts. As a result, I feel compelled to speak out.

These protests are not spontaneous reactions to a film. These protests were planned by extremists far in advance to mark the anniversary of September 11th and the film is a convenient and cynical excuse to manipulate ordinary, uneducated Muslims to participate in these appalling expressions of hatred. Yet even if the protests were truly a response to the film, they would be just as inexcusable. Nothing justifies such barbarianism.

Numerous movies, books and "works of art" are produced every day that are deeply offensive to Christians and Jews, making fun of our sacred symbols or even directly attacking our beliefs or us as people of faith. Yet we do not respond by killing diplomats or inciting bloody mass riots. We value every person's right to express points of view that differ from ours, views that may even be offensive, because we understand how important doing so is as a guarantor of our own rights and freedoms. As a result, we debate, write letters, issue press releases, argue, and even protest peacefully against such affronts, often agreeing to disagree but always knowing that the light of truth will triumph in the end over the dark shadows of ignorance and bigotry.

I do not agree with every religion. But I have respect for all religions, their symbols, and their leading figures. I wish that the filmmakers had taken a more respectful tone if they wished to inspire serious debate about the issues around Islam -- but I stand firmly by their right to make any film they choose without death threats and murderous "protests" breaking out halfway around the world.

Muslims and many world leaders would like us to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Yet every time Muslim extremists raise their hands with impunity to lynch someone over claims of "blasphemy," every time they begin murderous riots because someone has "insulted" their prophet or religion by speaking the truth, they show the true face of Islam and prove the very claims they try to silence. The goal of the Muslim extremists is to frighten and intimidate us because they know that by taking away our freedom of expression they can control us. They use these tactics because, like the schoolyard bully, they can see that they work.

What, then, are we to do when we see these events taking place? We must continue to speak the truth and never allow ourselves to be silenced. Freedom of expression is intimately linked with freedom of religion. Limiting freedom of expression is to limit freedom of religion. We must not allow these fundamental rights to be eroded in the misguided belief that somehow limiting our freedom of expression is to show respect to another religion. Respect is not forced -- it is earned. And in this the Muslim extremists have a lot of work to do.

Enough is enough!

Majed El Shafie
President and Founder
One Free World International

Earlier this year, Destiny Image Films released the award-winning documentary "Freedom Fighter" (, which documents El Shafie's work as he travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking out those persecuted for their religious beliefs, and challenging their governments to change. The companion book, "Freedom Fighter: One Man's Fight for One Free World" (Destiny Image), was released on September 18, 2012. Majed El Shafie regularly testifies before the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament and Senate, and he's a regular guest on Sun News, BBC, CBN, ACLJ's Jordan Sekulow Show and more. In July, he was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Christian Newswire

To: National & International Desks

Contact: Brian Mayes,



Increasing Number of  "Average Citizens"ArmingThemselves

TAMPA, / NewsTimesJournal / -- Sales of firearms are soaring in America as citizens feel less and less secure about their lives and property.  "We are training more people, than ever before," stated Mike Bogart of "even entire families are contacting us to say they are taking precautions in these insecure times." 

While a loaded gun in trained hands is no more dangerous than a hammer, it is important to get professional training to gain the most from your purchase.  Keep your family safe by getting everyone trained, even your children of responsible age, so that everyone understands the risks and responsibility of gun ownership. 

Charlie Sheen's Life - How Addiction to Pornography Can Harm Marriages, Children & Careers

NEW YORK, /Christian Newswire/ -- According to press reports, on Monday the 45-year old actor Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from his third wife, just days after an alleged alcohol and drug-fueled rampage at New York City's Plaza Hotel. The rampage began after his 22-year-old "porn star date" for the evening allegedly refused to have sex with him until he paid her $12,000. Coincidentally, this year White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week runs Sunday, Oct. 31, through Sunday, Nov. 7. The goal of the annual WRAP Week is to heighten public awareness of the harms associated with pornography and the need to enforce obscenity laws to curb the proliferation of hardcore adult pornography online and elsewhere.

Robert Peters, president of Morality in Media, had these comments: Following Mr. Sheen's alleged rampage at the Plaza Hotel, I did a "Google search" for information about his use of pornography. What I found at was a "Declaration" (dated 4/19/06) that his second wife, Denise Richardson, filed in her divorce case. It stated in part:

"Although Respondent told me that he only used prostitutes during the time he and I were separated, I didn't believe him...Respondent promised that he would not be with prostitutes; however, he told me that he was not going to give up his...pornography habit and that I had to accept it[at p.10]...Respondent came into the house...I told him that I discovered some pornography websites that he belonged to which I found very disturbing (websites which promoted very young children, which looked underage to me with pigtails, braces and no pubic hair performing oral sex on each other). I also told him about other websites I discovered that he accessed involving gay pornography and also involving very young men who also did not look like adults. I also discovered that the Respondent belonged to several sex search type sites, which he looked for women to have sex with...When I confronted Respondent with this information, he did not deny it. I told him that as a mother, I found this information very disturbing because we had two young daughters and that I believed he had a serious problem...I later had an AIDS test which he was upset about[at pp.11-12]...Respondent and I spoke...on April 9, 2006...I told the Respondent that I was very concerned about the children spending the night at his house because of the activities he was involved in with prostitutes...and pornography...I confronted him with information...that he was still having prostitutes at his house. He did not deny this[at p.15]..."

If true, Ms. Richardson's account of her marriage to Charlie Sheen may illustrate several harms commonly associated with addiction to pornography, namely:

· Acting out pornography fueled sexual fantasies with prostitutes

· Progression from viewing hardcore adult pornography to viewing pornography that depicts actual children or performers who look like children

· Children being exposed to a parent's pornography

· A wrecked marriage

Under normal circumstances, such behavior could also result in loss of a job, but Mr. Sheen is a Hollywood celebrity; and these days outrageous behavior often serves to increase an actor's popularity and promote a career. According to a story in Sunday's NY Post, a CBS "network insider" told the Post that Sheen's bosses were "quietly thrilled," thinking that his behavior will boost ratings for "Two and a Half Men." And sure enough, according to a report in Tuesday's LA Times, ratings for Monday's program "soar[ed]."

In Hollywood's Golden Age, there were standards for entertainment content and for actors' off stage behavior. Today, content is often a moral stench and actors' off stage behavior often smells worse.

Christian Newswire




Abortion Survivor in 'Controversial' Pro-Life Victoria Video


SIOUX CITY, Iowa, /Christian Newswire/ -- Mainstream media coverage of pro-life activities is often hard to come by, and coverage not slanted in a negative light is even more difficult to come by, particularly in Australia. However, the Herald Sun has taken notice of the video that Pro-Life Victoria has produced in their hopes to raise awareness of the changes in law in Victoria in 2008.

With state elections approaching, the truth about the laws in Victoria and how they came about needs to be shared. These changes include no restrictions on the gestational age of a child being aborted, and there being no protection for children who are aborted but born alive. In one year alone, 54 children survived abortion attempts in the state of Victoria, but none are alive today to share their story. That's where Melissa Ohden comes in. As the survivor of a failed abortion attempt in the U.S. in 1977, Melissa now puts a face to abortion around the world, and gives a voice to the unborn children who lose their lives to abortion every day.

As the Herald Sun reports: "Melissa Ohden, from the US, says her mother tried to abort her but doctors and nurses saved her life when the procedure went wrong."'Sadly for me in visiting Australia, I've learned that children aren't afforded that same opportunity,' she says.

"The video also features state DLP MP Peter Kavanagh, who says he can't imagine a worse law than the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 passed in Victoria." To view the video, The Story of a Life, in its entirety, please visit: . Coming off of a tour of Australia and speaking at pro-life events across the U.S. during the past two months, an interview with Melissa will be airing on The 700 Club on Tuesday, November 9th.

To learn more about Melissa's story or to find out about upcoming events and interviews with her, please visit .

Christian Newswire 


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Ex-Latin Kings Barred from Saving Those Still Trapped in Gang Life


Court Won't Let Reformed Members Show Former Peers Way Out of Gangbanging

ELGIN, Ill.,
/Christian Newswire/ -- All they want to do is give other gangbangers the chance they had. The City of Elgin and the State of Illinois want to stop them. Brothers Elias and Saul Juarez and brothers Ruben and Oscar Sanchez are former gang members, now rehabilitated, whose primary goal is to reach out and save those who are perishing in the downward spiral of street gang life.

A motion to dismiss was filed in Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court, Kane County, IL to allow these new Christians to talk with active members of the Latin Kings about the hope they have found in Jesus, and to stop Elgin's and Illinois State's violation of the free speech and religious rights of these brothers, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
The case that Illinois and Elgin are pressing in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court would not only prohibit the Juarez and Sanchez brothers from spreading their gospel of reformation, but also insists on continuing to label these messengers of changed lives as the gangbangers they no longer are.
The court is attempting to throw the Illinois Street Gang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act at these young men, declaring that they "are members of the Latin Kings."Chicago attorney John Mauck, of Mauck and Baker, is representing the Juarezes and Sanchezes in this matter. He is quick to point out that this is an assertion unsupported by facts. Mauck explained, "We gave Kane County State's attorney Barsanti plenty of evidence that these men had left the gang, but his office insists on continuing legal action against them without a shred of evidence they are still in the gang. The County could just as well assert that Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk are members of the Latin Kings."

Mauck and his clients agree that street gangs are bad. According to many, the Latin Kings are among the worst. Not many members of the Latin Kings are blessed to get out, but Elias and Saul Juarez and Ruben and Oscar Sanchez did, by the grace of God and with the help of the Christian church. Now, they want to help other gang members escape the typical gangbanger's life of crime and infamy.
Armed with piles of letters and depositions from the pastor and parishioners of Christ Redeemer Christian Church in Elgin, the two pairs of brothers are anxious to share these epistles written by those who have been witness to their transformation. These young men are fighting the charges that would ban them from being able to share the faith that transformed their lives with others trapped in a street gang lifestyle. Because of the serious implications the case holds for impeding religious liberty and freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment, the Alliance Defense Fund has gotten involved. The ADF is a national organization committed to protecting religious freedoms, and is working with Mauck's firm on behalf of the Juarez and Sanchez brothers.

Mauck emphasizes that is not the intent of his clients or their defense "to thwart the efforts of the City and State to stop the dangerous activities of the Latin Kings." He explained that the Juarez and Sanchez brothers "are actually putting their own lives at risk by sharing their stories and the redemptive power of Jesus" that brought them out of the gangbanger life.

The motion to dismiss filing is available here. The letter to Kane County Special Prosecutor Patrick Crimmins is available here.

To interview Attorney John Mauck, or for more information on this story, please contact Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations at 312-422-1333 or 

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Family Encourages Others to Turn Their Passion to Action
For the Loeckens, a mission trip meant to change the lives of others ended up changing theirs.

DALLAS,/Christian Newswire/ -- Jay and Beth Loecken were an ordinary family searching for meaning in their lives while living the American Dream. They owned their dream house, drove nice cars, and from the outside seemed to have all they needed. Yet something kept pulling at them -- a stirring, a sense that they were being called to a greater purpose in life. They couldn't escape the feeling that there was more to life than the relentless pursuit of material possessions.

In Passion to Action: How God Uses Ordinary People in Extraordinary Ways (Guideposts Books), the Loeckens share the remarkable story of how they rediscovered another dream and how it turned their life upside down and fulfilled them more than they ever thought possible. It will inspire readers to discover their own passions and put them into action.

In the summer of 2007, the Loeckens headed to Africa on a mission trip with three of their four children. That trip changed their lives. When they returned home to their comfortable lifestyle, they all knew they wanted something more. In April of 2008, the family made the daring decision to sell their home, purchase an RV, and begin traveling the country serving communities in need: crushing cans for a senior center in McCall, Idaho, cleaning used books for a program in Portland, Oregon, and serving meals at the Rescue Mission in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Being in Africa gave us a true and new understanding of what it means to have a sense of community. The people we met and mingled with for those two weeks really rely on one another. They work together and share everything and don't just think about themselves. They instinctively put others first," says Jay. Upon returning home, the family realized that they had abandoned their dreams, so they made a u-turn, deciding to recreate what they had found on the other side of the world: purpose, joy, simplicity, and service.

The Loeckens knew they were not just called to live their dream, but to encourage others to do the same through their Passion to Action ministry. Their mission is to inspire others, empower them with tools and resources, and mobilize them to put their faith into action. 

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A Presidents View On Elections

In a Radio Address, NOVEMBER 3, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge stated: "I therefore urge upon all the voters of our country, without reference to party, that they their respective voting places in the exercise of the high office of American citizenship, that they approach the ballot box in the spirit that they would approach a sacrament, and there, disregarding all appeals to passion and prejudice, dedicate themselves truly and wholly to the welfare of their country."


Calvin Coolidge continued: "When an election is so held, it...sustains the belief that the voice of the people is the voice of God." Commenting on political candidates, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America, 1835: "If a political character attacks a (religious) sect, this may not prevent even the partisans of that very sect from supporting him; but if he attacks all the sects together, every one abandons him and he remains alone...Moreover, all the sects of the United States are comprised within the great unity of Christianity."


On September 20, 2001, President George W. Bush addressed Congress: "Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists...They hate our freedoms-our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote."


Faith in History program w/ Bill Federer at 


American Priorities radio w/ Bill Federer, M-F, 1-2pm ET, 


American Minute is a registered trademark. Permission granted to reproduce with acknowledgement to , P.O. Box 20163, St. Louis, MO 63123, 314-487-4395, 


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A Christian Mandate Upon America

American Minute with Bill Federer


Upon signing the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams stated: "This day, I trust, the reign of political protestantism will commence."


The 56 signers were mostly Protestant, with a notable exception being Catholic Charles Carroll of Maryland. New York University Professor Emeritus Patricia Bonomi, in her article "The Middle Colonies as the Birthplace of American Religious Pluralism" wrote: "The colonists were about 98 percent Protestant."


British Statesman Edmund Burke addressed Parliament, 1775: "All a sort of dissent. But the religion most prevalent in our Northern Colonies is a refinement on the principle of resistance; it is the dissidence of dissent, and the protestantism of the Protestant religion."


Protestantism traces its origins to OCTOBER 31, 1517, when Martin Luther posted 95 questions on the door of Wittenberg Church. Summoned to stand trial before 21-year-old Emperor Charles V, Luther was declared an outlaw. Frederick of Saxony hid him in Wartburg castle where he translated the New Testament into German. Luther later wrote: "I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth."


Faith in History TV program with Bill Federer at 


American Priorities radio with Bill Federer, M-F, 1-2pm ET, 


American Minute is a registered trademark. Permission granted to reproduce With acknowledgement to , P.O. Box 20163, St. Louis, MO 63123, 314-487-4395, 

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